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One-on-one with Amarjyoti Krishnan, Bobcares

Fri, 09 May 2008 18:57:00 -0500

Customer support is undoubtedly a topic in our industry people can get very passionate, dare I say, "fanatical" about.

So when a company, like Bobcares, dedicates its entire business to providing outsourced support as a service - and currently boasts a clientele of over 3.5 million websites - passionate could arguably be seen as somewhat of an understatement.

Serving the hosting industry for almost a decade, Bobcares says it offers support plans for dedicated administration facility, server administration plans, helpdesk plans and telephone support plans.

WHIRtv recently caught up with Amarjyoti Krishnan, co-founder of Bobcares, and gained some insight into the philosophy behind the service and where he envisions the company going in the next few years.

If that can happen, and they can rebuild the events from the information you pass to them your web site will go back up a lot quicker.

To learn more about Hostopia, please visit: www.hostopia.com.

As long as the file is still being downloaded, they will never take your files down. Now if a file is uploaded once, downloaded once and then not touched again for six months then you might see them taking it down to make more room for other material. That is totally understandable. Also, it goes without saying that copyrighted or illegal material is not allowed and will be removed.

If I was a TV - I would watch my computer

Thu, 31 Jan 2008 10:02:00 -0400
This TV box has been staring me in the face --- I look at it often --- It turns on in the morning and I usually see it near bedtime. Between those bookends of life I stare at a computer screen. There is a break when I look at a smaller form with my Tilt phone. I am a communicator.

My e-mail saved me today when DTV4PC promised me 1,056 live channels on my PC. I have always wanted to watch live re-runs of the Mongolian version of The Price is Right.

If I owned a webhosting firm I would place one of my bets on TV, video hosting, streaming delivering or whatever...Adult purvayors (content providers) took the lead but now we are mainstreaming - streaming everything. This takes just what you want - people that want your stuff so you can deliver their stuff. Heavy demand on bandwidth, servers and everything else that generates revenues. Yes I would bet my bandwidth, technology, personnel, training, advertizing, reputation and all the cost centers to be a prime deliverer.

I want to test drive every car in a 3D, virtual world before I buy. Be able to look down and see where the cup holder is located.

You can either own content, or deliver content.

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Recently, DiscountASP.NET attained its third competency in Security Solutions, recognizing the company’s expertise and impact in the technology marketplace. As a Gold Certified Partner, DiscountASP.NET has demonstrated expertise with Microsoft technologies and proven ability to meet customers’ needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners receive a rich set of benefits, including access, training and support, giving them a competitive advantage in the channel.

Cilacap Free Hosting - Layanan Web Hosting Gratis di Indonesia

Fri, 09 May 2008 10:06:31 -0500
Cilacap Free Hosting merupakan layanan web hosting gratis di Indonesia dengan space 250 MB dan 6 GB bandwith yang mendukung PHP dan My SQL database serta fitur menarik lainnya layaknya web hosting berbayar.

Almost 30 percent of Internet users tag online

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 08:41:27 +0000
Tagging, the emblematic activity of the “Web 2.0″ and social computing era, appears destined for mainstream status, a new study concludes.
Among U.S. Internet users, 28 percent have tagged online content like blog entries, photos, Web sites, video clips, and news articles, The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports in a study released Wednesday. On ...]

fast web hosting Products we recommend

Lunarpages was founded in the summer of 2000 when Add2Net Corporation expanded
its hosting offerings to include shared hosting. Lunarpages offers ASP,
E-Commerce, FrontPage, and Budget solutions using the Linux operating system.

Lunarpages offers two high featured hosting plans starting at $7.95 per month.
From the start, our Independent Review Panel was pleased with both the amount of
Web space and the amount of monthly Data Transfer, which are well above the
industry average.

Both plans are packed with features. MySQL databases, FrontPage Extensions, PHP,
Python, Perl, CGI-BIN, SSI, Flash, Shockwave, Windows and Real Media, and more,
are standard for both plans, while the more expensive plan comes with a few
extra e-commerce options. Both plans also offer free domain names for life. As
long as you host with Lunarpages your domain name is free (1 free domain name
for the Basic plan and 4 free for the Business plan)

Lunarpages uses cPanel for their control panel solution. To increase cPanel's
functionality, Lunarpages includes the Fantastico Script Library plug-ins. At
the time of this review, Fantastico adds more than 30 features including
Geeklog, PHPList, MasterFlex, PHPauction, Nucleus, Coppermine Photo Gallery, and

Previously, Lunarpages offered a Web building tool that you could use to build
one Web page, but needed to upgrade for a nominal fee if you wanted to build a
full Web site. Our Independent Review Panel liked the idea of including a Site
Builder; however they disagreed with charging extra for what other Web Hosts
include for free. Recently, Lunarpages has dropped the upgrade fees and now
allow their customers full use of the Soho Web Site Builder tool.

Lunarpages offers multiple ways of contacting their Support staff. Toll-free
phone support is offered during business hours while forums and email support
are answered 24/7. Lunarpages is conscientious when it comes to answering their
support calls. Their support department has a call queue display to help the
support team maintain the phone lines in a more professional manner. All of our
email and calls were answered quickly and accurately by s professional and
courteous staff.

If you are not fully satisfied with your hosting solution, Lunarpages offers a
30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Lunarpages waves the setup fee if you pay for a twelve month hosting contract.
Otherwise you must pay the fee, which our Independent Review Panel thought was a
little bit steep. Also if you want the lower end hosting plan you need to
purchase a three month contract.


Lunarpages offers very good Unix hosting with all the bells and whistles you'd
expect in a more expensive Host. Their hosting solutions carry plenty of Web
Space and Data Transfer, while their support is quick and knowledgeable. If you
are looking for a Unix Host, check out Lunarpages.


Lots of Web Space � Lots of Data Transfer � Lots of Features � Toll-Free phone
support � 24/7 email support � Forum Support � Fast, Courteous Support � No
Questions Asked 30-day Money back Guarantee


Some of Site Builder Tool's Functionality Costs Extra � Expensive Setup Fees

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

Writing about fast web hosting was indeed a spontaneous decision on my part. I solemnly hope that this was a wise decision that I had made.

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